Plum Flavored Baby Food
Over the course of many articles, we’ve talked about baby food and introducing the baby to solids. We’ve explored what kind of foods should you give your baby between 4 and 6 months, then 6 to 8,  9 to 12, and finally when she becomes almost entirely attuned to solid foods and graduates to the… (0 comment)

Making Your Own Baby Food
I remember the first time I tried to DIY baby food. My wife to this day still calls it “The Spaghetti Incident”. I didn’t let that deter me though. Like everything else in life, it became less intimidating the more I did it. Making your own baby food can be one of those proud moments. Especially… (0 comment)

Organic Juice for Babies
This is an eternal debate, isn’t it? Should you give your child organic or conventional juice, what’s the difference between the two, and when is organic juice for babies appropriate? If you are asking yourself these questions, you are in the same boat we were. When is it appropriate? This is one of the most… (0 comment)

List of Baby Food Flavors
Now, this is a real conundrum – what flavors to prepare for your child. As we have previously mentioned, in stage one you will introduce the flavor one by one, but starting from 7 or 8 months, you will start combining more ingredients as your child starts becoming more and more accustomed to solid food.… (0 comment)

Organic Baby Yogurt
Over the last few articles, we were discussing the transition of babies to solid foods. We said that at stage one you can start introducing the baby to pureed food. At stage two you can start adding chunks. At stage 3 you can start feeding the baby table food. We also said that at stage… (0 comment)

Best Place to Buy Baby Food
Knowing what kind of food you can feed your baby is one thing, but knowing the best place to buy baby food is an entirely different issue. The problem is that there are many manufacturers and many places that you can obtain baby food from. This, can be very confusing, as prices of some items… (0 comment)

Stage 3 Foods For Babies
So far we’ve covered stage one and stage two baby food. We said that at the first stage your child will be eating mostly all natural baby cereal and even some pureed fruits and vegetables, and that at stage two the baby is slowly transitioning from pureed foods to more solid meals. Up to this… (0 comment)

Stage 2 Food for Babies
Last time we had a discussion about stage 1 food for babies. Now, let’s take a step further and explore stage 2 food for babies. Like we said in the last article, babies 6-8 months old are on stage one foods, which means cereal, pureed foods and a little meat. Keep in mind that solid foods… (0 comment)

Stage One Food For Babies
Last time we talked about some of the benefits of cereal and how it is a good food for babies when they start transitioning to solid food. In this article, we will expand upon this idea, and give you a full account of stage one food for babies. What is stage one food for babies?… (0 comment)

All Natural Baby Cereal
Okay, we’ve talked about baby formula and breast milk, and the benefits of each. But what about all natural baby cereal? When is it appropriate to start feeding your baby solid meals, or partly solid? And, more importantly, what foods should you feed them? Appropriate Age Usually, babies are ready to eat solid, or partly… (0 comment)