December 2016 - Natural Baby
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Naturepedic came to being more than a decade ago, when a prospective grandfather realized there were simply no mattresses perfect enough for the latest arrival to the family. So, with his grandkid’s safety in mind, Barry Cik set out to make one – completely toxic-free and safe. Let's take a look at their organic crib mattress. On a more serious note, Naturepedic doesn’t limit the range to their organic crib mattress; they also have an offer of adult mattresses, sheets, pillows, bed bases and other sleep-related paraphernalia.

Organic Materials

What does “organic” mean when we use it in conjunction with mattresses? Isn’t that only for food? You’d be surprised how many parents aren’t aware of how important it is to answer this question. They’re happy to jump on the bandwagon to organic food and gluten-free diet, but that’s pretty much where they stop.

Pew Research Center Carey Funk & Brian Kennedy 55% of Americans believe organically grown produce is healthier than conventionally grown varieties, while 41% say there is no difference between organic and conventionally grown produce and 3% say that conventionally grown produce is better. Read More...