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The Best Baby Monitor for the Money

The Best Baby Monitor for the Money – 2017

Aside from the crib and the clothes, one of the most important things for new parents to get is a baby monitor. These little devices are the eyes in the back of your head, and ears that listen exclusively to your child. Baby monitors come in many shapes and sizes. Many of them are very high quality, but they fall mainly into two categories. Audio and video monitors. Video monitors come with a camera as the child unit, a commodity audio monitors do not have. However, audio monitors are a lot more affordable and have a better reception range. But what is the best baby monitor for the money?

VTech DM221

Today, we present one of the best audio monitors on the market, the VTech DM221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor. It is a real little engineering marvel that will let you keep a really close monitor your child at all times.

Design and Features

Like we said, this is an audio monitor, which means it has a baby unit that “listens” to the child and transmits the signal to the parent unit. VTech DM221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor is one of the best monitors on the market, with stellar audio quality, excellent durability and remarkable ease of use.

Digital Audio

One of the best features this monitor has is the DECT 6.0 digital signal. This signal is a top-notch addition as it greatly improves the strength and the quality of the signal, effectively increasing its range. But that’s not all – DECT 6.0 technology places an encryption on the signal that only your parent unit can decipher. The reason for this lies in one of the greatest weaknesses of analog monitors. Analog monitors’ signal could be easily intercepted, and somebody else could literally eavesdrop on your baby. The analog signal was also very easily distorted, leading to lower quality audio. With DECT 6.0, there is no reason to worry about that anymore. This helps the Vtech DM221 be the best baby monitor for the money.

Alert Features

The monitor also comes with a visual indicator for the volume level. Considering that the parent unit can be muted, this is a great addition, as you will be alerted despite there is no sound coming from the baby unit. On the other hand, the device can be voice activated, and if there is a spike in the volume in your child’s room, the device will automatically turn on the sound, and let you know what’s happening.

Other Features

VTech DM221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor has a couple more commodities that you will like very much. The loop on the baby unit also doubles as a very gentle night light. This is very useful if you want to make night round and check on your baby, and you can use this light and not risk waking the baby up. The parent unit comes with a handy belt clip, allowing you to take the device everywhere with you, allowing you to keep track of the sounds in your baby’s room while enabling you to move through the house and go about your own business.

The monitor also has a very impressive runtime. It uses two AAA batteries, or rechargeable ones, and can do its duty for a good 18 hours before it needs to be recharged or the batteries changed.

The Best Baby Monitor for the Money

All in all, VTech DM221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor is the best baby monitor for the money. It will certainly give you a peace of mind. Supported by DETA 6.0 digital technology, you can rest assured that the signal will come through strong and clear and that it won’t get hijacked. The monitor also has a good runtime, so you can keep track of any changes all night long. For any new parent, VTech DM221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor is a definite score, and worth checking out.

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