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Best Formula for babies

Best Formula For Babies

Like we said in one of our previous articles, breast milk is always better than baby formulas. However, as we have said too, some mothers are unable to breastfeed. Enter baby formulas. We have spent a lot of time researching the best formula for babies. We expected to find some sketchy products. But we were surprised that trusted brands can be so sketchy.

Baby formulas try to replicate breast milk as closely as possible. However, as the elements that make up breast milk are always different, as they depend on the mother’s diet, and mother’s milk is specific for her baby, baby formulas are unable to completely copy it. They are, however, getting closer, and they provide at least the basic nutrients necessary for the child’s proper development.

But, what formula comes the closest? Nature’s One Baby’s Only Formula.

Nature’s One Baby’s Only

The most important nutrient for the child who is breastfeeding still is iron. Iron is the main element that constitutes a red blood cell, and is vital for the distribution of oxygen. Without iron, i.e. hemoglobin, your child can suffer an iron deficiency-induced anemia. That is why Nature’s One makes sure to fortify their formula with as much iron as possible. Drinking Nature’s One Baby’s Only Formula, your child has a proper and plentiful supply of iron, and will should no problems with iron deficiency.

DHA and ARA Controversy

Nature’s One Baby’s Only Formula also contains DHA and ARA fatty acids. These acids are also very important for the proper development of the child, especially in the early stages of their life. At this stage (0-6 months) the baby is getting their energy solely from fats and fatty acids, as their stomachs are too weak to handle glucose and fructose. In fact, feeding glucose and fructose to the child at this stage may cause the onset of child diabetes. That is why, under no circumstances, should you give your baby formulas with any kind of sweeteners, and Nature’s One Baby’s Only Formula abides by this rule to the letter.

But there is a slight controversy surrounding DHA and ARA. The two acids are obtained using very harsh chemicals. That is why Nature’s One strives to use only non-invasive and gentlest methods for obtaining these compounds, all within FDA regulations. They derive the DHA from egg yolk instead of algae and fungus. Nature”s One does have a DHA and ARA free formula.


Another good thing about Nature’s One Baby’s Only Formula is that they have a formula that contains soy milk. It is also the only soy milk formula we know of, that does not contain corn syrup. I know that there are many bad things said about soy milk, but the non-GMO and all organic policy of Nature’s One makes sure that the soy milk used in their formula is completely safe and organic.

Best Formula for Babies

All in all Nature’s One Baby’s Only Formula is the best formula for babies. Nature’s One Baby’s Only Formula is non-GMO and all organic and is certified by the FDA, which should only inspire trust in the customers that use this product. So, if you ever find yourself in a dilemma about what baby formula to use, check out Nature’s One Baby’s Only Formula and give it a very serious thought.

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