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The best organic baby lotion

The Best Organic Baby Lotion – 2017

Just like many of us, children often have dry skin. If they have dry skin then it’s time to pull out the best organic baby lotion. Baby lotions are made especially gentle toward your baby’s skin. But they still contain plenty of ingredients that go into the lotions for adults. And just like with adults, non-organic lotions can create problems due to aggressive and toxic chemicals that are put in them. That is why it is most prudent to get the best organic baby lotion for your child.

Well, if you are here for such a lotion you’re in luck. Baja Organic Baby Lotion is an excellent organic baby lotion that will keep your child’s skin always moisturized and soft.

Baja Baby

But what is so special about Baja Organic Baby Lotion, is not that it is organic, but that it is scentless. For people who don’t like added perfumes to the lotion, Baja Organic Baby Lotion is your best option Having a fragrance also means that the lotion may chemicals that can potentially instigate allergic reactions. Baja Organic Baby Lotion is completely devoid of any such chemicals, reassuring all of us that it is completely organic.

Baja is free of any parabens, sulfates, and phosphates. Sulfates are often strong allergens, and by removing them, Baja is safe even for the smallest children. Phosphates and parabens can be very toxic in large quantities, and especially so for small children. That is why Baja has no such chemicals to ensure the lotion is absolutely appropriate for use by children of all ages, and even for adults.


Baja also does a great job at dealing with rashes, allergies and especially eczema. Eczema is a sort of a rash that makes the skin very dry and itchy. Your baby will very likely try to scratch it, creating wounds. Eczema is not an allergic reaction, but can be triggered by another allergy. Baja soothes the skin and greatly contributes to eczema receding.

Aside from being proficient at pacifying irritated skin, Baja also has several vitamins and minerals that will soften the skin and keep it healthy. Most prominently, Baja contains vitamins A, D and E. Vitamin E is also a great antioxidant and will help eliminate free radicals. Vitamin D is essential for the creation of melanin which is crucial for boosting the skin’s resistance to UV rays.

Baja also contains some great ingredients found in organic shampoos and lotions. Grape seed oil and avocado oil are awesome ingredients and make this lotion extremely beneficial to children with very dry and easily irritated skin. Jojoba seed oil makes the lotion great for all skin types, as we mentioned before, and shea butter does an awesome job at revitalizing skin and moisturizing it, making it very soft and gentle.

Baja also does not contain any ingredients derivated through animal testing. It is also GMO-free, and anti-animal cruelty as well, so you know that the manufacturer has very high standards for their products.

Baja – The Best Organic Baby Lotion

All in all, Baja Organic Baby Lotion is the best organic baby lotion on the market. The incredibly high standards of the manufacturer ensure that the lotion is very gentle toward a child’s skin, and does a great job at subduing rashes, irritability, dryness and eczema. The absence of any fragrance means that the lotion is free of any harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabens that could irritate the skin. Baja is also great for adults, so don’t be afraid to use the organic lotion yourself as well.

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