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Best Organic Cereal for Babies

Best Organic Cereal for Babies

One of the first solid foods you will introduce your baby to is baby cereal. The reason for this is that cereal is very nutritious and often contains plenty of iron, making it very beneficial for your little man who is starting to wean. Cereal is very easy to prepare and can stand on your shelf for a long time, which, again, proves that it is one of the best possible foodstuffs you can have for this particular period in your baby’s life. So what is the best organic cereal for babies?

Of course, the best baby cereals are organic ones. In this article, we’ll turn to one of the best brands on the market, Bio-Kinetics, and their organic baby cereal.

Bio-Kinetics Organic Baby Cereal

Bio-Kinetics Organic Baby cereal comes in three different flavors. It comes in brown rice, quinoa, and wheat, all of which are very easy to digest. Babies eating Bio-Kinetic Organic Baby cereal are certain to have no problems with digestion. In addition, the cereals are single flavors, as you will probably take your time and introduce your baby to new foods one by one.

The best benefit of the Bio-Kinetic baby cereal is, of course, its organic sprouted grains. In the process of sprouting, the grains are left a few days to really ripen, and not picked immediately. This helps the plant get rid of any adverse chemicals, and increases the nutritional value of the grains. Such sprouted grains are the best possible ingredient to make cereal out of. Of course, it goes without saying that the grains are treated with no herbicides or pesticides and no chemical fertilizers that would leave a chemical residue that could be harmful to your baby.


Bio-Kinetic cereal also doesn’t contain any additives that could be harmful. Most non-organic commercial cereals are full of additives like sweeteners and preservatives that can be toxic or create various digestion problems, but Bio-Kinetic Organic Baby Cereal contains no such additives. Bio-Kinetic has a very rigorous organic-only policy, and they do not tolerate shortcuts.

But Bio-Kinetic went even further with making sure their cereal is absolutely safe for consumption. Their baby cereal is packed exclusively in BPA-free bags. This common chemical is usually found in plastic food containers and is easily soluble in organic compounds. Since it is often used in creating plastic containers, traces of BPA can be found very easily in food. As of 2012, FDA has banned the use of BPA in making baby bottles and many manufacturers of baby food try not to use it in packages that hold food for your children.

Bio-Kinetic Organic Baby Cereal is fortified with enzymes and nutrients that are essential for your child. The cereal is not dry, but has a very fresh and invigorating essence, which will certainly appeal to your baby. The cereal does contain sweeteners, but it contains FOS and DOS sweeteners that are completely safe and 100% organic.

Best Organic Cereal for Babies

Overall, we feel Bio-Kinetic Organic Baby Cereal is one of the best organic cereals for babies on the market. It is 100% organic and free of any harmful additives that are usually found in commercial cereals. Bio-Kinetic Organic Baby Cereal is very nutritious due to organic and sprouted grains used. It is also very easy for a baby to digest, making it a very good stage one food. All in all, Bio-Kinetic Organic Baby Cereal is a very good base for a healthy diet, and you should certainly check it out.

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Best Organic Cereal for Babies
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