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Amazon - The best place to buy baby food

Best Place to Buy Baby Food

Knowing what kind of food you can feed your baby is one thing, but knowing the best place to buy baby food is an entirely different issue. The problem is that there are many manufacturers and many places that you can obtain baby food from. This, can be very confusing, as prices of some items that are apparently the same are different. So you don’t know what makes a highly-priced product better and what makes a low-priced product worse. You also often find yourself standing, looking at the ingredients list and not knowing what are you looking at exactly.

Many people also try to make their own baby food, as a cheaper alternative. Making your own baby food is definitely less expensive, and gives you more control over what you’re feeding your baby. It also takes a lot of time, and you may not have that luxury.

If you can’t find a good place to shop for baby food, do stick around. In this article we’ll try to set apart some good and trusted places. Brick-and-mortar as well as online, and you can choose what is the best place to buy baby food.


Whole Foods

The best place to look for baby food is, of course, in your local supermarket. Whether you’re buying commercial prepared baby food, or buying ingredients to make your own, a supermarket is the first place you will look However, this is where the problem starts. In the USA there are no indications which foods are GMO and which are not, as the USA doesn’t require such labeling. That being said, if you know which brands are GMO and which are not, then this problem will be of no consequence to you. But if you’re uninformed, then you will do a lot of head scratching.

As for ingredients like veggies and fruit, it is best you look for them in the organic section of the supermarket. However, if you want to be totally safe, you can go to Wholefoods, as they are only concerned in selling organic, non-GMO foods.

But, there is one problem with organic foods, and that is the price. Organic food is much more expensive than conventionally produced food. Non-organic foods can contain elevated levels of chemicals and toxins that found their way into the food due to the use of herbicides and insecticides, as well as chemical fertilizers. Organic food is made without such invasive techniques.

Farmers Market

Also, there is another way you can get your hands on organic produce. If you have a local farmer’s market around, you should pay them a visit. They might just have what you’re looking for.

However, you can find organic and thoroughly tested and FDA approved non-organic food at your local supermarket. For example, it is possible to find Beechnut and Gerber brand foods at Target and Walmart for a nominal price. Not only that, but these places accept coupons. This can be major relief for families with more than one baby.


With the world being more and more connected to the Internet, and with various items and products being sold online, it is no wonder that many people find it the best place to buy baby food. While a more convenient way of procuring baby food, you should exercise caution when purchasing anything online.

The risk can be lessened by going to already established online vendors. Not only that, but some manufacturers have their own sites. If you require food and are trusting of a brand, you can go directly to the source. The most distinguished online sellers are Amazon and eBay. As the most well-known vendors, these two online sellers enjoy a great trust among the customers. Not only that, but these two vendors also have an incredible stock, so you can pick and choose to your heart’s content.

However, the downside is that you can never tell if the products are up to standards, as you have no way of checking their wholesomeness. You do have the comment section, but, as we all know, comments are highly subjective. Blogs like Natural Baby can be a great resource for you in your search for the best products for your baby.

We also mentioned going to the source. Indeed, some manufacturers have their own websites where you can buy their food. For example, Nature’s One offer you to buy their food directly from them.

European Brands

Hipp Organic Baby Formula

Online shopping also allows you one more commodity. For example, Holle baby formula, as well as HIPP, aren’t found anywhere in the North America, as they are European brands, and are not FDA approved (despite their undeniably high quality). Yet, vendors like Little World Organics and Organic Start (formerly Organic Munchkin) can procure this highly-esteemed baby formula for you. Still, you will have to go through a lot of paperwork because these formulae aren’t FDA approved.

Lastly, we must point out a downside about online shopping, and that is the price (again). Shopping for baby food online may not save you money – in fact, it may increase your expenses, as there is the price of shipping to be concerned. This all depends on how much you spend and if you get any deals on the shipping (hint….Amazon Prime).

The Best Place to Buy Baby Food?

Well, that’s all about where you can find organic baby food. You can either go to the supermarket, a farmer’s market, or shop online. Both brick-and-mortar vendors and online have their own strengths and weaknesses – online vendors are less reliable, and often more expensive, but offer a wider range of products, while brick-and-mortar offer a lot of products, but you often have to rummage through their stock to find what you’re looking for, or go to specialized places to find the desired brand.

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