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Ella’s Kitchen Review


Ella’s Kitchen, like many similar ventures, was started by a parent worried that his kid wasn’t getting the very best on the market. To be honest, I don’t blame him, as this review is also a result of such desires.

In addition to baby food, which will be the main topic here, Ella’s Kitchen also offers a variety of juices for bigger kids, as well as some special diets for kids with gluten or lactose intolerance and kids of vegetarian parents. Word to the wise – unless your child actually suffers from celiac disease or non-celiac gluten insensitivity, don’t force this diet upon him/her.


The main feature of Ella’s baby food, as the name promises, is that it’s organic, and completely so. There are quite a lot of flavors, and we’ve especially enjoyed banana combos (with peaches and apples, respectively), as well as the pears-mangoes-papayas combo.

The texture is quite palatable, as the tests showed (both my son and the neighbor’s kid loved it), though there was a smell to it that I couldn’t quite pinpoint. Still, the kids didn’t show they minded in the slightest. Come to think of it, it reminded me of some frozen and then defrosted homemade purees that I made.


Ella's Kitchen Pouches

The package is fairly convenient, as Ella’s baby foods come in neat plastic pouches. Granted, some parents may be concerned about the toxicity of this material, but as long as it’s certified BPA-free, I’m happy. Moreover, this package actually allows the food to be preserved without resorting to chemical treatment, as in – adding preservatives and additives.

The good thing about Ella’s pouches is that they have spouts, so you can extrude the content without much fuss. Though, how you’ll get it to the kids’ bellies is entirely another matter. One other thing – if you buy in bulk, the outside cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable, and 90% already recycled, which is great for environmentally minded parents like yours truly.

Some other important things to note about Ella’s Kitchen baby food:

  • completely organic
  • no water added
  • no preservatives or artificial thickeners
  • salt-free
  • no artificial sweeteners
  • practical package
  • lots of flavors, some unusual combos
  • available on Amazon, Target, Whole Foods and

Other Reviews

The Simple Parent has an overall positive opinion on Ella’s Kitchen, with an entire segment dedicated to the usefulness of their pouches as “a grab and go snack”. Similarly, most reviews on Amazon praise Ella’s Kitchen for the availability (they can be bought at almost every better-stocked grocery store, even in the States, as well as online), though there are a couple of red flags. One – some reviews claimed that Ella’s meals, especially those containing spinach, falsely advertised their iron content, making it significantly higher than it actually was.

However, these all seem to be reviews from at least 3 to 4 years ago, so even if there were problems at the time, they seem to have been resolved by now. Second – some reviewers seem to have issues with shipping prices, but it’s not quite clear whether that’s due to the company policies or something else. Either way, the products are certainly good value for the money.



On a balance, Ella’s Kitchen is something that I would definitely recommend to my friends. The fact that the meals are 100% organic is a great start, but it goes beyond that. There are no bits or chunks in it, so the texture is appealing not only to kids but adults as well. Some of the combos may seem sort of outlandish (like apples, green beans, and raisins, though we haven’t tried that one), but they actually seem to get green lights across the board.

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