An Honest Review of The Honest Company's Diapers
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The Honest Company Diapers

Don’t let the fact that this company was started by a celebrity put you off – it’s still a case of a parent wishing the best for their kids, and then seeing a lucrative opportunity in it. Now, I’m sure most of us will resonate with the goals and mission of the company – providing high-quality products that are both child-friendly and earth-friendly.

In this regard, I feel the company passes with flying colors, but the price of their organic diapers is a major drawback, even if you factor in the quality of the diapers. There are certainly less expensive diapers out there.

Organic Diapers

It is hard to call these organic diapers. Green? Sure. Eco-Friendly? Maybe. The actual percentage of the materials, natural or otherwise, that go into making these diapers is not disclosed, but none of the companies do that, so you can hardly fault the Honest Company for not being fully honest.

Still, the diapers pack that “organic feel” – they are completely scent-free, which is a definitive plus, and they have… I’m reluctant to use “coarse”, since that would hardly do them justice, but they do feel a bit coarser than your generic brand diapers. Still, they’re plenty soft. Coupled with the earth-friendly origin, this goes a long way preventing (not causing) rashes. They are quite absorbent, and have a decent leak protection.

Cute Designs

Honest Company Christmas Diapers

The design is certainly one of two best features these diapers have. It would be nice if there were more boys’ designs, or at least gender-neutral, but those that they do have will certainly make your kid the cutest dressed child on the block. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the sizing is off. The diapers will be too small, so always make sure to order one size up, irrespective of what the size table may suggest.

Here’s a list of some of the major things you should know about these diapers:

  • Almost fully organic composition goes a long way to ensuring there’s no rash.
  • Secure moisture barrier cuffs do an admirable job preventing leakage, though they’re not a 100% proof. You’ll always have to count on some “accidents”.
  • Stretchy tabs give lots of wiggle room.
  • No chemical fragrances, lotions or latex.
  • Chlorophyll odour inhibitors stand in for the chemical fragrances.
  • Sizes run small, so make sure to order one size up.


There are diapers out there that get a better grade for performance than The Honest Company, but that doesn’t mean these diapers should be overlooked. They argbe very good at absorbing messes and like most other diapers of their ilk they are adequate at preventing leakage.

Other Reviews

Talking about consumer reports, the leak protection seems to be hit and miss, with camps being pretty much equal. The same goes for the tabs, with some mommies reporting they hold well, while others claim they fall by themselves. However, one major problem seems to be constant, that being the company’s misleading marketing strategy. Namely, if you order a sample bundle, you’re unwittingly agreeing to an automatic subscription service. The process of cancelling the subscription is fairly fast and straightforward, but it requires actually calling the company and doing it that way, which is irksome, to say the least. For a company named Honest, this is more than inappropriate.


Honest Company Baloon Diapers

To be honest (no pun intended), the Honest Company diapers are pretty much a hit and miss case. There are other organic diapers of similar quality that can be found at a lower price point. But these diapers are so damn cute………

A word of caution if you do opt for these – the diapers run small, so size up. Finally, watch out if you’re ordering a sample bundle through their website – as you will be signing up for a subscription whether you like it or not. Bottom line – always read the fine print.

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