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Plum Flavored Baby Food

Plum Flavored Baby Food

Over the course of many articles, we’ve talked about baby food and introducing the baby to solids. We’ve explored what kind of foods should you give your baby between 4 and 6 months, then 6 to 8,  9 to 12, and finally when she becomes almost entirely attuned to solid foods and graduates to the dining table. We also explored some cool recipes and whacky combos that are, in fact, very tasty and beneficial for the child. But, in all that abundance of information, we forgot to mention one very important food. A very important flavor and a very beneficial fruit plum flavored baby food.

My brother and I are 13 years apart (I like to call him “Oops”, but my mother gets mad and insists I’m wrong). I remember feeding him jars of plum baby food. Usually for desert. Try and find a jar of plum baby food these days.


Plums are a very easily overlooked part of a child’s meal. Heck, even us adults don’t eat plums as often as we should. Plums hold many benefits and they are an abundant source of vitamins and minerals. Plums are a source of beta-carotene, a very good antioxidant, as well as vitamins B, E and A. Also, iron and potassium are also found in plums in large quantities, making them, a great introductory food for the child.

Digestive System

But the greatest benefit of plums is their gentle effect on the digestive system. Plums are a known natural laxative. They are a great means of combating constipation, in babies as in adults. Yogurt is often used to treat constipation, especially in very young children, but this is clearly wrong. A much better way is to simply feed your child a healthy dose of plums. They will be constipated no longer. Aside from helping with constipation, plums greatly increase the efficiency of the digestive system This allows for increased absorption of beneficiary minerals.

But plums don’t stop there! Another excellent trait plums have is that people are very rarely allergic to them. Plum allergies are rare, so plums are most likely safe to be consumed by your child.

So, how are prunes prepared? What interesting combinations can we make that feature plums?

How to Prepare Plums

Plum Baby Food

There are many ways to prepare a delicious plum flavored baby food. The most obvious way to eat plums is fresh. But as your child will be unable to do so, it is best you puree or mash them. For babies at stage one or two, cook and puree the plums to create a very smooth paste, and for older toddlers use a fork to simply mash them and create a slightly thicker dish. However, it is prudent to remove the skin first. The reason for this is that the skin of the plums is very tart and sour, unlike the flesh of the fruit, which is sweet, thanks to sorbitol.

There is a very neat trick to remove the skin easily – have two pots of water, one boiling, and the other cold and with ice in it. Place the plums in the boiling water, then take them out after about 30 seconds, then place them in the ice cold water. If you do that, the skin will just slide off.

How Long Will Plums Last

Naturally, being a fresh produce, plums flavored baby dishes can’t stand around for too long if not refrigerated, otherwise they’ll spoil. In the refrigerator, plum puree can remain in pristine condition for about three to four days. If you freeze the plums, you can keep them in the freezer for about three months.

Plums as a Base

Plum puree us a very good base and plain meal. Being beneficial as they are, plum puree can be introduced as soon as your child is 6 months old. However, it is not recommended you introduce plums as the very first meal. Aside from being fed to your baby pure, plum puree can be mixed with applesauce, bananas, and pears, especially come stage 2, where you can have a little bit more freedom experimenting with flavors.

Come stage three, you can even start to pair plums with chicken, beef, and turkey. This will create a very mineral- and protein-rich meal that your baby will certainly find interesting. If you’ve introduced yogurt to your child’s diet, you can also add it to plum puree, or mashed plums and make a combo out of that. You can even mix plums with baby oatmeal, to provide it some sweetness and texture.


Naturally, be sure to pick ripe fruit for all dishes you’re making. The way you can tell if the plum is ripe is by squeezing them. A ripe plum should be a little softer – in fact, hard fruits are not ripe at all. Ripe plums are usually dark purple or blue in color, and their flesh is a darker shade of olive green or even dark orange. If the inside of the plum is brighter green, then the fruit is not ripe yet. However, if you leave the plum in room temperature for a day or two, the fruits will ripen due to hormones still being active.

Plum Flavored Baby Food

Plums are a great ingredient in many dishes, and plum flavored baby foods are certainly tasty and healthy for toddlers. They carry a lot of minerals in them, like vitamins A, B, and E, and minerals like iron and potassium. Plums are very sweet due to the presence of sorbitol, and can be used with many other ingredients to create hearty and healthy meals. Plum puree can be given to babies as young as 6 months, although you shouldn’t introduce plums as the very first flavor. People are also very rarely allergic to plums, so they’re mostly safe for a majority of babies.

Well, that’s all we have to say about that without boring you. If you have some crazy recipes with plums and plum flavored foods, be sure to share them with us. If you have eaten plum flavored baby food when you were a baby, do comment your (or, more likely you mother’s) experience with them, as our readers will surely be glad to hear your personal opinion.

Plum Flavored Baby Food
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Plum Flavored Baby Food
Often overlooked, plum flavored baby food is important for your baby's health. It is strong with iron and helps their digestive system.
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