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Becoming parents is frightening, exciting, challenging, and exhausting. Did I mention exhausting? Whether you are first time parents or “old hats” at this, our number one priority is, and always will be, our children’s health and happiness.  Today there is sooooo much information available at our fingertips. We will try to wade through all the research, reviews and opinions and provide what we think are the best views and resources for making informed choices for your child’s continuing development and health.

We are very interested in hearing your feedback so please feel free to comment on our blogs or contact us for a one on one conversation. We appreciate both positive and critical forms of dialog as long as respect is shown to other members of the community.

A good starting point would be to read why choosing organic food and products for your family is important. You will not only learn about health benefits but also about environmental benefits of organic products. And isn’t our children’s future as important as their present?

We review products in detail and will give our honest assessment of them. We are not providing any sponsored reviews. These are 100% our humble opinion.

We also will talk about anything that we may find useful. Such as a series on why you may need to use formula and how to choose the healthiest organic baby formula.

Periodically we will update our news section with stories from around the world.

You can find our Terms and Conditions here, and our privacy policy here.

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